On-campus! In person opening ceremony starting at 5:30 PM on Friday Nov. 3rd at Rutherford Physics Building (3600 Rue University, Montreal)

November 3 - 5, 2023

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At its core, the McGill Physics Hackathon is a friendly computer programming competition. The goal is simple: with a 24-hour period spread over 3 days, in a team of 2-5 people, put together some project which involves scientific computing and the physical sciences! There are no themes; the goal is to have fun and be creative. We want to welcome everyone into the wonderful world of scientific computing!

Throughout the event, you'll have the opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded, curious, and passionate individuals. Experts from both academia and industry will also be present, either to help you with your projects, or just to chat!

Disciplinary knowledge is optional; curiosity is the key!

A schedule for the 2023 Hackathon is available for download hereClick to Download File. .

If you have any questions regarding logistics, teams, judging, or anything else, please consult the frequently asked questions (FAQs) or contact us at .


In recent years, advanced scientific computing has been a powerful force in both academia and industry. Stunning scientific breakthroughs, such as the first direct image of a black hole by the Event Horizon Telescope, would be impossible without the use of computational physics to handle unprecedented quantities and kinds of data. Similar breakthroughs are occurring virtually everywhere we look, as we witness a technological revolution in which industry, the sciences, and a new digital economy are intimately linked.


This year's Physics Hackathon will take place on-campus, with an opening ceremony to connect hackers attending. Anyone from anywhere can participate, as long as you are able to join the event in-person. We hope you will join us, whether you are a high school, CEGEP, undergraduate, or graduate student! Anyone with an interest in programming and the physical sciences is invited to attend and hone their programming, scientific, and communication skills.

The McGill Physics Hackathon is committed to a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. All participants, sponsors, mentors, and judges agree to our code of conductClick to Download File. .


The McGill Physics Hackathon in The News

The 2023 McGill Physics Hackathon caught the eyes of The local student media. See what The Tribune and the McGill Reporter had to say about the event.

Hackathon Prep.


Hackathon preparatory classes will take place on October 20th and 27th. The sessions will be open to all and hosted in the Rutherford Physics Building's Bell Room (103) from 6 - 9pm. Each session will be divided as follows:

  • 30min General info and FAQ session
  • 1hr Python numerical computing tutorial
  • 30min Pizza break
  • 1hr Javascript tutorial

Registration is now open, you can fill in and submit the registration form to participate.

hackathon prep

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Everyone interested, from anywhere in the world, as long as you are able to join us in-person at McGill. Students from any high school, CEGEP, college, or university who have an interest in the physical sciences, programming, computational arts, or data visualization are welcome!

A: Hackers will be challenged to use the scientific, programming, and artistic skills they possess or will learn during the hackathon to put together a project, which shows something cool in the physical sciences. This could be a simulation of some physical phenomenon, a tool for understanding or visualizing some concept, or something else we haven't thought of!

A: The event is entirely in-person, and will take place on McGill campus. The opening ceremony will be in the Rutherford building which will also be open all weekend with space available for hackers to work. Mentors will be present to help and food will be served at several times during the day.

Registration will stay open until 1 PM on November 4th! Team registration will occur in a different form that will be available to registered hackers in the week before the event, and to all participants during the event.

A: No! We want you to exercise your creativity. There will be special prizes for the best project involving astrophysics and the best project employing machine learning, but we encourage you to let your imagination run wild!

A: No! The goal of the Hackathon is learn and have fun, and you can use any programming language you want. Many people even use the Hackathon as an opportunity to learn a new language!

A: You are welcome to think about topics which might interest you before the event, but all of the actual programming should happen at the Hackathon itself, and not before.

A: Teams can be anywhere from 2 to 5 people, and can be made up of hackers from a mix of all levels and backgrounds. If you don't have a team, that's okay! We'll help you make one at the event.

A: All hackers should register individually. A link to register teams will be sent out a few days before the event. For folks who come to the Hackathon without a team, that's okay! We'll help you make one at the event.

A: Can't think of a project right now? We've got you covered! Click here to get inspired. At the actual event, we'll have lots of experts from both academia and industry to help you put something together.

A: At the end of the competition, you'll have the chance to show off your work to members of both industry and academia. Projects will be judged according to technical execution (did you solve a technical problem?), communication (were you able to clearly present what you did?), and aesthetics (is the solution beautiful/polished?).

A: That's totally okay! We would love to have you there for as much as you can attend.

A: Participants under 18 will need to have a parent or guardian sign a consent form allowing you to participate.

A: The forms are available for download here: Attendance, Photography (In-person only), please submit them to our google form here when signed.


The Hackathon would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors. Click on any of the images below to learn more about them. We thank them for partnering with us and enabling us to hold this event!

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